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  • Common Bluet (fresh male)! width:374;;height:561
  • Orange Tip (male) width:738;;height:502
  • Do you see the bright orange egg? width:384;;height:561
  • The female lays a single egg on the plant, because the caterpillars are cannibalistic. width:738;;height:502
  • The male has bright orange tips to his forewings! width:738;;height:502
  • He loves to sit on a cuckoo-flower! width:738;;height:502
  • Can you see the caterpillar? width:738;;height:502
  • Spread your wings and fly like a butterfly! width:738;;height:502
  • Next year I will photograph a female! width:738;;height:502
  • Banded Demoiselle (male), Calopteryx splendens width:738;;height:502
  • The Migrant Hawker (male), Aeshna mixta width:738;;height:561
  • The Migrant Hawker (male), Aeshna mixta width:384;;height:561
  • Blue Emperor (female), Emperor Dragonfly places her eggs in pondweed!<br /> width:738;;height:502
  • Blue Featherleg (female), White-legged Damselfly, Platycnemis pennipes width:738;;height:502
  • Tent caterpillar (caterpillar of the lackey moth), Malacosoma neustria width:738;;height:502
  • Broad-bodied Chaser (female), Libellula depressa width:738;;height:502
  • The seven-spot Ladybird, Coccinella septempunctata width:384;;height:561
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